What we do

Genus Biotech is a spin off company of the University of Sannio, specialized in the development of genetic and molecular diagnostic tools for in vitro research and diagnosis.
The mission of Genus Biotech is to create novel and standardized genetic and molecular services for a more efficient, personalized, predictive and preventive management of health care. Our services range from genetics to molecular diagnostics, to optimization of new leads and discovery of their mechanism of action. In this context, Genus Biotech offers specialized scientific and diagnostic support to national and international health facilities and research institutions.

At Genus Biotech, talented scientists work closely together to achieve our clients' goals, offering a specific service based on their needs, bringing together a team of varied background and experience necessary to conduct research and development projects. Furthermore, Genus Biotech believes that the establishment of a model focused on personalized services will become the key point for the optimization of health services.

The company's headquarters and research activities are located in the facilities of the Sanniotech
Consortium in Apollosa (Benevento).

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Genus Biotech
Consorzio Sannio Tech
Via Appia s.n.c. 82030 Apollosa (BN)

phone +39.0824.364090
fax +39.0824.364092
email info@genusbiotech.com

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