Sport performance test

For about 10 years now, numerous studies have shown the correlation between a number of polymorphisms and the performance of athletes assessed on the basis of: Activity and muscle mass; Resistance; Regeneration from stress damage; Structure and mineral density of the bone; Predisposition to osteoporosis. Thanks to the analysis of polymorphisms, it is possible to determine the allelic variants that influence sports performance at professional levels

The SPORT PERFORMANCE panel provides for the analysis of 7 polymorphisms in genes whose products are involved in the development and functioning of muscle, in the supply of oxygen to the tissues and in the strength of bones and tendons (ACTN3, HIF1a, PPARD, PPARGC1A, COL1A1 , IGFII, NRF2).

Thanks to our TEST it is possible:
- draw appropriate training cards
- refine the athlete's diet
- highlight predispositions to a certain type of activity or to accidents
- compensate for deficiencies with appropriate products

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