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Genetic counseling
Genetic counseling provides information on the medical aspect(diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, follow-up) and genetic (genetic alteration and consequences, transmission modalities, prenatal diagnosis) of a genetic pathology, including the probability of recurrence, i.e. on the risk that the same pathology may occur in other family members.
Genetic counseling is dedicated to people carrying a specific genetic disease, to their family members and to those at risk of developing the genetic pathology. In cases where the diagnosis has not yet been made or in cases of suspected diagnosis of a genetic disease, dedicated genetic tests are often necessary.
Genus Biotech's genetic facility provides a high quality and complete response regarding the diagnosis of diseases of genetic origin, and includes genetic counseling when required.

Gene expression assays
Genus Biotech offers a complete set of RT-PCR tests (semi-quantitative Real-Time PCR) gene expression analysis. The assays are able to detect and quantify every human, mouse and rat transcript present in the RefSeq database. Mice and rats assays are designed to be independent of the strain used. Our specialists are able to design tailor-made gene expression analyses for all sequences and variants present in human and other organisms.
The service offered by Genus Biotech includes RNA extraction from the sample(s) (on request), the conversion to cDNA, the design of customized assays (primer/probe design and optimization of the PCR condition), the RT-PCR, experimental execution, data analysis and drafting of a final report.

Nutrigenetics studies the relationship between genetic heritage and food metabolism, through the identification of genetic variants that determine the individual response to specific nutrients. Current molecular biology technologies have made possible to define a direct correlation between food and genes: people respond very differently to the same food since the human population has a high number of gene variants (polymorphisms). Allelic variants can significantly modify the gene expression profile or the functional efficacy of relative proteins. Gene polymorphisms, through the changes they determine at the molecular level, may influence the way a nutrient is metabolized. Polymorphisms do not represent and do not determine a disease by themselves; however, if the gene polymorphism is associated with a the introduction of particular nutrients (DNA/environment interaction), a different predisposition towards specific pathological conditions could occur. Several large-scale analyzes have shown that certain gene variants are associated with predisposition to diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, some forms of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Some of these variants can also determine a greater susceptibility to specific food intolerances (for example, lactose, gluten, etc.).

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